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About Emrah

Emrah Ahmet Kovacoglu was born on April 6th, 1974 to Nural and Nuriye Kovacoglu in Istanbul,Turkey.  To this day other than Spunky, he continues to be their only human child.  When Emrah was 3 years old his parents moved to the United States.  Coming to the US without a green card, the Kovacoglu’s were illegal aliens for many years (it’s not just the Mexicans).  Emrah grew up on the rough streets of New York City.  He lived in a scrappy entrepreneurial household helping his parents in their various retail businesses since he was 5 years old.

Emrah loved basketball and was always a great student (even though his father thought he could be better).  He was selected to attend one of the top academic high schools in the country, Brooklyn Tech, majoring in Computer Engineering and playing on the varsity basketball team since his freshman year.  He was named one of the top 35 public school basketball players in NYC after his junior season.  Emrah went on to study Electrical Engineering and played basketball at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Upstate New York, graduating in 1996.

He worked in corporate America for over a decade at Nortel Networks, Jet Propulsion Laboratories and finally Procter & Gamble.  There as P&G’s global digital brand manager for the cosmetics business, he developed the idea for Total Beauty.  In 2007, he left P&G to found Total Beauty Media which allowed Emrah to combine his scrappy entrepreneurial skills and invaluable corporate experience into what is now being recognized on the leading online beauty media company in the US.

In his spare time Emrah likes to spend time with his friends, start new business projects, dine with Devran, and discipline Leyla and Sheba.